Beaver Hills Country Club in Cedar Falls, Iowa will be the host site for Quakerdale’s 2nd annual cyber ProAm golf tournament. Competition will begin at 8:00 AM on Monday, December 5th and conclude at midnight on Tuesday, December 13th. Charity registration opens Monday, August 15th at 8:00 AM and closes Sunday, October 16th at Midnight. The tournament will be played out completely on social media using this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Play is divided up into three divisions, Professional, Amateur, and Charity.

Here is how it works:

Teams are made of four players. Each player participating in the tournament will compete to earn tournament points in five categories: Sponsors, Charity Subscriptions, #QWC2016ProAm Subscriptions, Dollars Raised, and Golf Score.

SPONSORS – a player earns 100 tournament points for every unique individual that donates $5 or more through their MobileCause fundraising form, subscribes to their charity’s newsletter, or subscribes to the #QWC2016ProAm newsletter.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – in addition to sponsorship points, the player earns an additional 75 points for each charity subscription, and an additional 25 points for each #QWC2016ProAm subscription.

DOLLARS RAISED – players are award 1 bonus point for every dollar raised.

GOLF SCORE – players can add tournament points to their score for each stroke they shoot under par. Beaver Hills is a par 72 course (4 par 3 holes, 4 par 5 holes and 10 par 4 holes). If a player shoots a 72, they will neither gain nor lose tournament points. If a player shoots a 68 (4 under par), they will add another 400 tournament points to their tournament point total. If, on the other hand, a player shoots a 76 (4 over par), they will have 400 points subtracted from their tournament point total.

Prior to December 5th, each player is given an electronic scorecard. All holes start out at bogey (1 over par). Players then use the money they donate plus any money donated by their sponsors to buy a better score on each hole. It only costs $1 to purchase a par on any hole. So if I receive a $20 donation (or make a $20 donation myself) I have enough funds to purchase a par on all 18 holes with $2 left over. My score is now 72.

A birdie (1 under par on a hole) costs $50. A couple of my friends decide to donate $50 each giving me an unused balance of $102. I decide to change two holes to birdies. Since I have already spent $1 on each hole, I will only be required to spend an extra $98 (2 x $49), leaving me a new unused balance of $4. My score has been lowered by 2 strokes so I am now shooting a 70 or 2 under par. That earns me an additional 200 tournament points (2 strokes under par times 100 points for each stroke under par equals 200).

The ten par 4’s and the four par 5 holes all have the capability of purchasing an eagle (2 under par). The cost, however, is $100 per eagle. In addition, each par 3 has the potential for a hole-in-one. Here the cost is graduated; the first par 3 is $200, the 2nd par 3 hole is $400, the 3rd is $600, and the last par 3 hole is $800. Finally, the four par 5 holes may be golfed at 3 under par (double-eagle, or Albatross in England) at a cost of $1,000 per hole.

When you put it all together the worst score is an 90 or 18 over par requiring no dollars raised. The best possible score is a 32 or 40 under par. But that would require a single player to raise a total of $7,000.

To see how this works, let’s take a look at three players as an example:

Table A1

Table A1

Joseph has a network of friends and family that are able to donate anywhere from $20 to $100. His fundraising efforts yield 10 sponsors who are able to donate a total of $500. In addition they all subscribe to both his charity newsletter and the #QWC2016ProAm newsletter. He uses his dollars raised to shoot a 9 under 63 (which costs $459). He earns a total of 3,400 tournament points (See table A1).

Table A2

Table A2

SUSAN is the type fundraiser who likes to use her own resources when participating in a fundraiser. She is able to donate $2,000 and subscribes to both her charity newsletter and the #QWC2016ProAm newsletter. She then uses her dollars raised to shoot a 33 under par 39 (which costs $1,750). Her total tournament points earned is 5,500 (See table A2).


Table A3

Finally, let’s look at Aby. Aby is a high school student that is passionate about her church youth group. Even though she has no money to donate, she agrees to become a player with the intent of getting as many of her friends as possible to learn about the group and subscribe to their newsletter. Aby’s efforts are very successful. She is able to get 30 of her friends to sponsor her; 27 of them subscribe to the charity newsletter. and 20 subscribe to the #QWC2016ProAm newsletter. Her $20 dollars raised allows her to shoot an even par 72. Now that might not seem like much, but look at the results … (See Table A3).

A team golf score is made by adding up the golf scores of all four players on the team. A team tournament points score is sum of all the tournament points earned by all four players. Division Medals and Tournament Trophies will be awarded at the Celebration Dessert held on Thursday, December 15, 2016 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Beaver Hills Country Club in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Division Medals

  • Gold Medals (a total of 12) will be given to team members of the team with the most tournament points in each division.
  • Silver Medals (a total of 12) will be given to team members of the team with the 2nd most tournament points in each division.
  • Bronze Medals (a total of 12) will be given to team members of the team with the 3rd most tournament points in each division.

Individual Tournament Trophies

  • Championship Trophy – player with the best golf score, all divisions combined
  • Runner Up Trophy – player with the 2nd best golf score, all divisions combined
  • 2nd Runner Up Trophy – player with the 3rd best golf score, all divisions combined

NOTE: All tie breakers will be determined by:

  1. Most sponsors, then by
  2. Most dollars raised, then by
  3. Most charity subscriptions, then by
  4. Most #QWC2016ProAm event subscriptions, and finally by
  5. Coin toss.

android-chrome-144x144Got Questions? Contact:

Dan Smith
Tournament Director
(641) 497-5294

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