As a participating charity in the 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic, what can I expect?


  1. Increased web traffic
    • In the 9 days from November 5-13 prior to the 2015 Quakerdale Winter Classic (QWC), we had 37 users visit 135 pages on our web site.
    • In the 9 days from December 5-13 during the event, we had 864 users visit 4,615 pages.
  2. Extensive cyber exposure
    • We created the hashtag #QWC2015ProAm for the 2015 QWC.
    • We tracked its use over the 9 days of the event and here are the results from Twitter:
      • 392, 065 impressions on
      • 71,402 accounts!
  3. And there is more:
    • You will grow your email list
    • Create and mobilize a social media team of volunteers that can continue to function after the tournament
    • Raise money from sources previously unknown


Your supporters will be mobilized to:

Spread the word about your charity

  • Who you are
  • What you do and why you do it

Invite like minded people to consider

  • Becoming a volunteer, and/or
  • Making a donation of $5 or more
  • Begin a conversation about Leaving a Legacy through Planned Giving

Yes I am ready to register as a participating charity!

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